The For Life Range - This is what we've done.

  1. The upper is made from a leather called Hardlife. Hardlife is prepared using a traditional process called drum-stuffing.

    This saturates the body of the leather with water-resistant oils and waxes, unlike many other processes which simply coat the surface. This makes the leather not only soft and supple, but also very durable. With the oil and wax deeply embedded in the leather, plus a little care and attention from you, the leather will look good for years to come.

  2. Our FOR LIFE boots and shoes are Goodyear welted. The upper and sole are sewn together, not merely glued, like many footwear constructions. This, coupled with our unique
    Z welt-stitch, allows for better repair.

  3. The insole is made with a high percentage of ground leather. Not only will this bring additional comfort, but this material is more durable than a normal insole.

  4. This is our classic Dr. Martens air-cushioned and heat-sealed sole, providing underfoot comfort and durability since 1960.

  5. The footbed offers exceptional cushioning, is breathable, wicks moisture and absorbs odour, using natural active carbon. It inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria, is environmentally friendly, antimicrobial and very durable.

  6. We have added weight and thickness to the inner core of the sole: 7mm to the heel and 5mm to the forefoot. This will help them to last longer than ever.

  7. We have included an extra pair of waxed, metal-tipped laces.

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